Evie Marshall is one of the main narrators in "Seducing the Dragon" and "Loved by the Dragon". She is mated to Bram Moore-Llewellyn, a dragon shifter.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Evie Marshall was born in England and is an only child to Karen Marshall and Mr. Marshall. Growing up, her and her best friend Emily Davies were obsessed with all things dragon shifter. At nineteen, Evie had a test done to see if she was genetically compatible with dragon shifter DNA. The test results came back that she was not which disappointed her. Over the next few years she joined the Department of Dragon Affairs to help dragon shifters and eventually became an inspector. Although she had asked her parents if they would be ok with her working with the DDA before she joined and they said they would be, all that changed when they began to receive threats and moved to Spain, disowning Evie.

Over the years, Evie had a few cases that bothered her and was treated with disrespect when she would inspect the Skyhunter clan. She learned to retain her backbone and eventually stand her ground. She began to receive threats from dragon hunters and, out of the desire to stay alive, Evie asked to be transferred as an inspector to the Stonefire clan, in hopes of seducing their clan leader and gaining his help.

Throughout the series Edit